SeaNoyA Back and Spine Posture Corrector Support Brace



Relax, and stop hunching over your desk or hobby table.

Sit in front of a computer for work much? Hey, you’re looking at a screen for this! Even many hobbies involve hunching over a table or work area – think of sewing, tying fishing lures, scrapbooking, and video games. Chances are, your shoulders are clenched forward right now. Your mom was right – straighten up, don’t slouch!

Straighten up, and breathe right.

When you slouch or hunch, your diaphragm gets squeezed and pressured. Notice how much more fully you can breathe when your posture is straight. Deeper breathing doesn’t just relax you, it helps with energy, concentration and your mood! So let the Seanoya posture corrector help you get through the day.

Build confidence along with core muscle memory.

As your posture straightens, your core naturally engages and helps build strength and muscle memory, so that after a while, you can depend on your corrected posture without help. Not only that, studies have shown that an open, straight posture builds your confidence along with your muscles! You’ve nothing to lose, and plenty to gain, with Seanoya’s support!

Important Information: Please seek your physician's advice before using this product! This product is no substitute for professional medical care. If pain persists or if you develop physical discomfort signs of any kind, seek professional medical attention. Do not over tighten. Do not wear any longer than 8 hours at a time.

  • Ease tension and pain: Slouching or hunching create tight, sore back muscles. When your shoulders and spine are aligned correctly, you naturally relax, and pain eases
  • Straighten up and breathe right! When you're hunched, you put pressure on your diaphragm, restricting breathing and oxygen uptake. Full breathing helps with energy, your mood and concentration
  • Engage your core without effort: Once this clavicle brace pulls your shoulders back where they belong, you'll notice your abs naturally start working to help keep correct posture
  • Build strength and confidence: As your core strengthens, muscle memory takes over. Correct, open posture has been shown to build personal confidence, too!
  • Adjustable for men and women over a range of size: This simple brace features long straps, with a hook-and-loop wrap closure that ensures a custom fit for most everybody
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