Mojito Muddler 11.5 In Professional - Best Drinks and Cocktails Bar Tool By SHIKSHOOK



SHIKSHOOK Wood Muddler has some serious ridges for prodigious amounts of grip. If you really get into your muddling and want a good grip, this one is for you. With 11.5" for hand grip, only the wimpiest of grips won't be able to muddler with this tool. Grips even when your hands are wet. As one of my friends would say, this muddler has a lot of "gription."

The SHIKSHOOK Muddler is 11.5" long and 2" wide. not varnished or lacquered.

These muddlers are individually crafted using a process called wood turning. This hand turning process and the unique characteristics of the wood ensure that no two muddlers are exactly alike. Once our muddlers are turned, they are coated with a food grade mineral oil and carnaubawax blend. This blended finish not only protects your muddler, but it also greatly enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

The Woods We Use - We are very selective about the woods we use for making muddlers. We use only hardwoods and choose woods that have closed grain. A closed grain wood when finished is very smooth to the touch. Closed grain woods, unlike open grained woods like oak, have smaller pores and are easier to clean.

Our muddlers are made of beech wood. The pale cream color offers a very attractive modern clean appearance. In the kitchen, beech is often used in making cutting boards because it is durable and easy to clean. Its hardness, wear-resistance, strength, and excellent bending capabilities make this hardwood a mainstay for many Amrican woodworkers.p>

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