Make A Match Baby Puzzle Games - What's Your Profession?. For 3+ Years Old

BooKid Toys


Quickly develop vital skills for your kids with this challenging Make a Match profession puzzle that teaches professions.

BooKid Make a Match puzzle is perfect for developing the skills that your child needs to learn professions at a young age.

This BooKid Make a Match puzzle also makes an ideal present or birthday gift for your child. This profession puzzle includes twelve thick washable cardboard pairs that are designed for long use.

This colorful and fun puzzle provides children with an excellent tool that will develop vital skills such as perception. br>
AThis BooKid Make a Match profession puzzle also promotes visual-spatial perception, problem-solving, and hand-eye coordination.

BooKid Make a Match puzzles are built to last and have a colorful design that provide endless hours of joy

This set includes twelve colorful cardboard pairs that will have your kids wanting to play for hours.

The Make a Match puzzle is also safe having been decorated with non-toxic paint which is child safe.

Get your kids the BooKid Make a Match profession puzzle and watch as they beam with joy and begin developing vital skills necessary for further learning.

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