Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray (Black)



No need for passive screens while you travel.

Make travel imaginative again. Your kids will love being able to have their own play area where they can color, read, play with cars or ponies and be able to use their creativity. They’ll feel more secure with familiar toys and books with them, and have access to their own things, right there with them.Keeping travel fun, organized, and tidy, for everyone.

Let’s face it, traveling with kids is strenuous. Wouldn’t you’d like to relax a bit while traveling, without having to constantly search for your childrens’ things and then reach around and hand it to them? And especially when kids are involved, we lose and drop stuff in the car (or airplane)! Now keep everything handy, organized and ready with this rugged, waterproof car organizer. Each child can get their own set of pockets and play area. Enjoy travel so much more!

Remember the days of “are we there yet?”. Now your kids may not want the trip to end! They’ll their own private space and play area all to themselves. Peace for you, easy snacking and absorbing play for your children. Everybody has more fun traveling!

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