What is the Difference Between Men & Women Online Shoppers

What is the Difference Between Men & Women Online Shoppers

June 29, 2018

As retailers, we depend a lot on analytics to know more about our market.  When studying about the purchasing habits of men and women, it is interesting to note the similarities and complexities between them.  Take the case for example of these research published by E-Commerce Platforms:

Brief information about the purchasing habits of men and women.

– Both women and men tend to do most of the shopping from their laptops

– Men are more likely to use their smartphones for a purchase, (45% vs. 34%)

– Women are much more likely to buy something if it is on sale. (74% vs. 54%

– Male shoppers tend to stop shopping after they find the first workable product

– Female shoppers are more likely to plan out their shopping strategies and make their purchases based on future needs

These type of information are analyzed by retailers so they can better serve the interest of their market. Early this week we published an article about “What is in a man’s mind…” https://getitim.com/blogs/news/what-is-a-man-s-mind-when-shopping-online and we highlighted a list of some common notions on how men do their shopping.  In this case, online shopping.


  1. It is a task. Simple and Straightforward.
  2. Do it as needed.
  3. No fuss shopping. Stops on the first sign of a good buy.
  4. Logical decision maker.
  5. Never price driven (doesn’t use coupons).
  6. Likes to research on what he wants to buy.
  7. Needs detailed product information.

 We cherish these type of information as it draws us closer to the people we are trying to serve.  Which is why at Get It Im, we take note of what you want. Get It Im tries to engage and understand its customers.  As it provides engaging, relevant, seamless, customer  experience. We provide complete information about our product with very relevant content.  Our online store can be accessed through multiple gadgets and platforms without loosing its navigational integrity.  So you can access us anytime, anywhere. Our user interface is very easy to use, making user experience positively memorable. Of course, our promo prices remains to be very irresistible.  Not to mention the awesome quality of products Get It Im provides.  These trendy and high quality products are simply to die for. So what are you waiting for? Check out our different departments / products and find out the difference! 



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Online Thanksgiving Shopping for 2018
Online Thanksgiving Shopping for 2018

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Here is the thing about Thanksgiving shopping,  since Thanksgiving is only a day before Black Friday, most people don’t really think about Thanksgiving sales.  For that week, people think of thanksgiving as a family holiday and festivities, and not shopping for consumer and other personal items.  On top of that, most retail brands close down their brick and mortar shops during Thanksgiving inline for the holidays. So is there really such a thing as a Thanksgiving sale?

 Most analyst will argue that for the past two years (even 3), thanks giving retail sale is on the rise.  Thanks to online shopping of course.  Here are the points of that argument:

  1. Most companies now offer advance Black Friday sale. Brands and retail companies offer early Black Friday promos to take advantage of the season.  Or simply just to get ahead of the competition.

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Black Friday Shopping: Online vs Offline Shopping
Black Friday Shopping: Online vs Offline Shopping

November 14, 2018

For most people Black Friday is a consumer event that is arguably exceeding that of the traditional Christmas sale.  For the loyal and the purist, Black Friday meant standing in queue outside shopping malls, elbowing your way through a crowd, even punching your way to the occasional fist fight over a $75 flat screen TV or a $10 coffee maker.  For some, they even go to the extent of coming up with a game plan the night before Black Friday. For most people, nothing beats getting physical when it comes to Black Friday sale. 

But for some, it is time to breakaway from this tradition. Although everyone would agree that Black Friday can be more than just a consumer event following Thanksgiving where everyone can get a $5 shirt on sale. As the popularity of online shopping soars, some traditional shoppers are starting to consider the possibility of doing their Black Friday purchase in front of a screen instead of a crowd of shoppers thirsty for a large discount.

Offline Shopping Advantage

For the purist offline shopper, it is the thrill of the hunt (for bargains) that pumps their adrenaline.  In Store Only Deals are unparalleled compared to online deals. And I must admit, the shopping experience can be un-paralleled.  For some, Black Friday is a family tradition, a chance for family and friends to bond and I dare say, compete with other groups or families over a $99 sale.

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You Need to Know these 5 Things Before You Shop Online
You Need to Know these 5 Things Before You Shop Online

November 02, 2018

Having a credit card is great because you can now buy anything online, well, almost anything. But the online world as it is attractive can be really …..tricky. As scams and robberies can happen on the streets, it can also happen online. Here are 5 things you need to remember before you start shopping online:

 1.You need to keep your personal information very secure online. 

Be very careful as to who you share your personal information with, specifically your credit card number, expiration date, and security code. Never share these over the phone, email, or internet to strangers.

 2.CALL do not chat or email.

Now if you really, really, really need these information, maybe to an immediate family member, it is best to do it over the phone.  The intention is to make sure you are talking to the right person.

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